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Downloading and Installing Barcode Font

If you are a consignor in a sale using barcodes with TagIt or TagItLite, you will need to download and install this barcode font.  Note:  If you previously downloaded the font but it is no longer working with new sale profiles, you may need to download and install again because IDAutomation changed the name of the font and the old font is no longer used with our profiles.  This only needs to be done one time and is not necessary to do again for future sales.
1.  Go to
2.  Click on "Download Windows version directly from IDAutomation ".

Important:  Do not use other download options!

Save the downloaded file.  If you need more help, see 4 below.


Click here if you need help with the download?  See Steps 4-6 below.
3.  There are 3 ways to install.  
A1.  Double click on the downloaded file where you saved it.

Then click on Extract all files and follow the prompts.

A2. Find the folder that was created when files were extracted and double click on it to open it..
A3. Double click on the Free Code 39 Font folder to open the folder.
A4. Double click on the second IDAutomationHC39M Free Version.
A5.  Be sure it is the TrueType font that opens.  (If not, you used the wrong one in A4.)

Click on the Install button.

The barcode font should now be available when creating tags for a sale that uses barcodes.

If the above method does not work, you can try either of the following methods
B.  Click on the downloaded zip file and run the installation program by clicking on IDAutomation_Code39FreeFont.exe.

C.  As an alternative, follow the steps to the right for Windows Installation.)

If you need additional help with running the installation program, follow the more detailed steps below starting at Step 7.
Steps 4-6 below are using Internet Explorer.  (Mozilla Firefox illustrations are after that in yellow.)
4.  Save the download to your computer.  Note the name of the file and where it is saved.

(The file download form may look difference depending upon your browser.)

5.  If you are given an option where to save the file, the Desktop might be a convenient location.
6.  Click on Open if you are given the option.

Go to Step 7!

Steps 4-5 below are using Mozilla Firefox.
4.  Save the download to your computer.  Note the name of the file and where it is saved.

(The file download form may look difference depending upon your browser.)

5.  Right click on the file to open the menu.  Click on Open.

Go to Step 7!

Below is more help for running the installation program.  See 3B above.
7.  Double-click on the IDAutomation_Code39FreeFont.exe file.

or click on Extract all files


8.  If you see this form, click on Extract all
9.  Note the location and name of the folder where files will be extracted.

Tick "Show extracted files when complete" if necessary.

Click on Extract.

10.   Double-click on IDAutomation_Code39FreeFont.exe.
11.  If asked, confirm by clicking Run
12.  The Setup Wizard will open.  Click on Next.
13.  Accept the agreement and click on Next
14. Click on Next.  (This information is not relevant for you.)
15.  Accept the default and click on Next.
16.  You may need to restart the computer.
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